Write in Time

When a group of men and women from all walks of life and ages join a writing group for the first time conducted by a reluctant professor, surprises ensue. This was entertaining all the way through, an emotional roller coaster. I began rooting for each of the characters—even those with sour attitudes at first. This reader got involved with each person’s unique life and desperation, from a lawyer on the cusp of ruin to a dad losing touch with his family to a pregnant mom in dire need of support. The author also gives a glimpse of authentic Madison, Wisconsin, which I know well. This is a delightful debut novel filled with humor and hope.

Christine DeSmet, author of Fudge Shop Mystery Series and Mischief in Moonstone Series

It’s finally here!

A young mom,
a hot shot lawyer,
a beleaguered landscaper,
and a feisty widow
sign up for a writers’ workshop
hosted by a professor who doesn’t want to be there.

Their families, careers,
and even the city they love
depend on whether they
champion each other’s stories,
or write one another off.

Join Professor Harrington and his students
as they eat and critique their way
through Madison’s downtown food scene
and struggle to get their stories–and lives–just right
before the Christmas deadline.